Password Not Working?

The reset password option does work, the problem is usually caused by resetting the password more than once instead of waiting to receive the email after the first reset request, and this means that you get out-of sync.

Our advice is that, you should only request or generate for a new password once and wait to receive an email.

Also, when you copy/paste the password make sure that you are not copying the empty space in the password. There should be no spaces in between and before the first letter and after the last letter.

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    I have bin a member for many years with and I can not login you said that I´m not eksiting  then i try to registre then you said that my e-mail already are in progress but when I´m logging in I don´t ekstis  why are you sending me mails when I can´t get my reward´s 

    I Don´t speak english

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