I have problems with my Paypal account. Can you send the money I've earned from answering surveys to my spouse who has a Paypal account?

It is important that your PayPal account has the same email address connected to the email address you receive surveys to. In any case that you wish to use your spouse's Paypal account instead; what you could do is to update or change the email address that you have registered on our website with that of your spouse's email address that is associated with Paypal. This way, the email address that will be registered on our website will be that of your husband/wife and you would be able to retrieve the money by transferring it directly to their Paypal account. Future surveys will then be sent to the most recent email address.

If you wish to change your email address, please provide us the current email address that is registered on our website as well as the email address that you wish to change it to.

Please also include, for security reasons, your postcode and year of birth. Once these are received your email address will then be updated.


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